Dear GLAAD and The Offendeds…

Lighten the fuck up.

Please, no more mortally offended treatises on why the planned production of Tomboy, starring Michelle Rodriguez,  is the worst thing to happen to trans people.


To tie a film not even out yet to Huston’s ignorant, yet democratic, slaying of HERO is reprehensible and just god damned lazy.  It’s low hanging fruit and every blogger/HuffPo Hack/aspiring TG actress that is spewing hate should back it the hell up a minute, stop flinching and really think this through.

“We can only talk about trans issues if we talk about them just the right way!” is a pipedream.  That is not how the conversation unfolds outside the hallways of activist orgs.  At a bar, in an iHop, around questionable delivery pizza nomed by the glow of PS4s and Xboxs, the conversation is about a popular actress playing a badass.  Not that the topic is being misappropriated or handled wrong.

Action movies.  Not really known to uphold the finer points of societal discourse, princesses.  By becoming an irrational ragebeast whenever someone who is not you brings trans issues into any sort of  public light, you skew the perspective in a manner that is more harmful than you know.

You paint us all with this thin-skinned terror brush.  You quote suicide rates, you recount struggles, you bathe everyone who will listen in the most horrific and terrifying aspects of being transgender.  That is fucking depressing, and the picture you offer the non-trans public with your insistent offense-taking at everything not vetted through your brain-dead communication committees is actually harming the very humans you are advocating for.  Stop telling nothing but horror stories every…single…chance…you…get…in reaction to everything.  It’s a threshold communications tactic and eventually your optics are going to lean towards apathy, not empathy.

I’m looking forward to an action movie with a TG plot device, but that’s maybe because I know that it’s just a movie, not an overarching commentary on how society looks at transgender people.

“We haven’t read the script, but it’s disappointing…” – GLAAD

You are absolutely right, GLAAD.  That is disappointing.


I aim to misbehave…

First, the current definition of “Transgenderist” most commonly shown after a google search is contrived bullshit.  Surgery has nothing to do with people and everything to do with labels.  It is a personal imperative either way and trying to categorize people into smaller, more easily discriminated against boxes using genitals as packing tape is just fucking stupid.  Who comes up with this shit?

I use the term because: It applies to me, I like the way it sounds, and the url was available.

I am going to be a bitch here.  I am going to unleash what I have been too lazy to write in the comments sections of all of the various “news” stories I read, daily, concerning Transgender Americans and the various and myriad issues we face.

I am not an activist.  I despise organization party lines and talking points, so I am going to offend.  If you are offended because you disagree, channel that into debate and I will be happy to talk things out and even come to a different conclusion after that talk.  I have no issues saying “Oh, shit, well I guess I was wrong and you were right, thank you.”  I also have no issue saying, “How do you manage to get dressed in the morning you stupid fuck?” when the situation warrants.  Trigger alert, twitchy people.  I am going to talk about shit you do not want to hear in ways that are hard for me to write, much less others to read.

My truth is not yours.  If it runs parallel at times, that is pretty neat, but my perspective is mine and fuck if it’s pretty and tidy.

That is the point, though.  Not everything is pretty, or ugly, or a rallying cry for the over or under oppressed.  Not everything is an extreme. I get rage face when real, common sense, life-threatening or altering issues, issues that benefit from a balanced approach, are subsumed or destroyed by extreme media coverage that caters to the “Say the right things!/Rally the right troops!/Omg…who’ll think of the children?” crowd.  By being dumbed down to lowest common denominator click-bait disguised as whatever vacuous PC argument of the moment has traction and page views.  So I am going to write about stupid and fucked up things, and see what happens.

And…away we go!